The Lights In My Life

As easy as it is to fall down that rabbit hole that leads to a dark and lonely place where one feels helpless with the current situation, I have passion to change.  However, I battle with where to start and the “who is going to listen to me anyways” voice. 

So how do I create change in this place where people don’t take the time to listen? One thing I have learned for sure is that I musn’t bother with the top at this point. I have learned that the more I focus on the issues at the top, the people on the bottom, the ones in need end up losing out. And maybe all I will ever do is the on the ground work, one human life at a time and that’s more that I could have asked for. But I have this nagging sense that I have more to offer than that. This is part of my process to uncover how I can offer more than that. 

The other thing I have learned is that it’s all about what you look for. It’s not about what you see. If you go to the DTES, you might see pain and suffering, addiction, chaos etc but if you LOOK for the love, community and care then you will certainly see that instead. Check out this article about a Vancouver Police Officer who got to experience just that.

Then we have this beautiful soul of a woman who has fearlessly opened up to the online community about her struggles with bulimia. I was obviously floored by this because when I was entrenched in this disease, I never even entertained the idea of publicly admitting the things I did that I was so ashamed of! Who creates this shame anyways? I have come to believe that it comes from within and it’s part of the diseases lethal hold on our lives to keep us in secrecy. Here is her blog. Her post on Facebook was received with open arms, respect and nothing less. I can almost guarantee that no one will respond with judgement

Here is an article about a Police Officer in the states who has created a special police group geared towards better support and awareness when dealing with a call involving someone on the Autism Spectrum

There are people out there doing phenomenal work, and I do encounter them everyday. I will continue to share them as I go along. The people in this field know all too well that we can get taken down by all the politics and the poor staffing and the drama but all that does is take our care, love and compassion away from the people that we are supporting. Today is about reminding myself that someone out there is needing to be treated as a human, as a body of love with dignity and respect. I hope you will do the same. 


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